Best Hosting Deal of 2016

First up, thank you to all our readers for following us for the past 1 year. 2015 has been awesome for us. Just as a a 1 year old blog, we have seen a small bump in traffic and number of interested readers. This encourage us to read more and share more good information with all of you here.

As we know, we are writers of SEO and internet marketing. We just love everything about search engine optimization. We shared tips of doing SEO right in 2015, and of course, this has helped quite a number of marketers to win the Google race.

However, we want to keep this post away from SEO. Ok, not exactly. We want to share with you the best hosting deals of 2016. Ya, hosting. It may be a small thing, but not many people know that hosting plays a big part in determining search ranking.

A good and reliable host goes a long way to make your website stable and ranks well. Now, if you are thinking of getting a better web host for 2016, we have a good deal for you. Head over now to get the latest hostgator promo codes for 2016!

With all these coupons, you can get as much as 87% in discounts. And the best is, these coupons work! Save all the trouble to check and find coupons again. You are assured to get the best hostgator deals from that website.

Why am I saying hostgator? 

Hostgator is one of the first webhosting website around and they have been here for years. As more and more webhosting companies pop up, you only want the best web host to serve you, that you can trust. And that is why we recommend hostgator for you.

Not only that, hostgator provides one of the cheapest reliable hosting plans around. You may think that there are many $1 hosting plans. Oh, don’t get over excited about those plans. You may pay cheap, but you may suffer on the service or the poor server. But hostgator is one that gets your site up, and still gives you affordable rates. Definitely recommended for you in 2016!

Alright! We shall just end here and end it as the last blog post for 2015. We will definitely be back in 2016 with more juicy and useful tips for 2016!


Hi, I'm Krooz. I have deep passion in SEO, and that's why you see me here! I have used SEO to help my uncle's bakery shop, and was amazed by the results I see. This get me excited what I can do for SEO. Hope you enjoy my articles on SEO here!

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