Do we need an office for a SEO company?

Yay! First of us, let us celebrate a short achievement of working in the SEO industry for coming 4 years! This 4 years is not easy baby… if you look at what we did over the past years, and how the Google SEO game has changed, I can tell you it’s not easy.

We have blogged quite a bit on SEO tips, and how to rank higher on Google, even in a very competitive real estate niche… we have come a long way.

One of the amazing things that an SEO company can achieve is not just the leads that we generate. It is the leads that we KEEP ON generating because of our SEO efforts. Because we rank well, we keep getting leads even if we stopped working on it, even when we sleep, and even when we forgot to update our website!

So that’s what we are happy about.

Of course, there are also things we have to consider hard going forward.

One of the biggest considerations so far, is the structure of our SEO company. So far, we are all working remotely.

Working remotely basically means we can work anywhere, as long as we have a laptop and internet connection. We can work in a cafe, we can work in Macdonalds, at the airport, and even on the plane (if we have Wifi…).

But the thing about working remotely is… you are always alone!

We all know how effective and how important it is to work in a team. A team can achieve miracles. A team can work hard and go far. Of course you can work alone. Many SEOs work alone, and they can earn alot too. But the thing is… you are limited by your own time. Sometimes, when you’re unable to work, say on a long flight, or on holiday without internet connection, you may lose income.

Clients can’t contact you. Clients can’t reach you when something happen to their website or Google rankings. They may thought you are running away or avoiding them. And even if they find you, I’m sure you want some peace when you’re on holiday yea.

So here’s the thing… how can we go forward in our SEO business from here?

Our small team here are based in different parts of the world. Ok ok.. not the whole world. Just in different countries in Asia.

As of now… one is in Singapore, one is in Hong Kong, and another in The Philippines.

To make things simple, we thought of gathering ourselves and set up an office in Hong Kong. This is not difficult. We can check out some moving companies in Hong Kong, and get them to move our stuff to Hong Kong.

If not, we can just simply start afresh in Hong Kong. New furniture, new chairs, new place. But the same laptop computers we use back in our own country.

Time wise, we may need to spend 1 month to set up the company and office, but the thing is, all 3 of us can get close together to bring our SEO business to the next level. It is not just about communicating on Skype. We can brainstorm ideas anytime right at our office!

Yeap, so that’s what we have planned for our SEO business.

Nothing concrete yet, but something to look forward to!


Hi, I'm Krooz. I have deep passion in SEO, and that's why you see me here! I have used SEO to help my uncle's bakery shop, and was amazed by the results I see. This get me excited what I can do for SEO. Hope you enjoy my articles on SEO here!

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