Doing SEO for a website in Real Estate Niche


When you are doing SEO for a website in the real estate niche, you must know that this is a market which is super competitive. The answer is simple. Real Estate is a high transaction item, and every transaction can range from 5 digits to 8 digits.

For websites of real estates, usually the people who are keen on ranking their property websites are real estate agents who are promoting the particular property. The main developer is the one that provide the information of the estate, and it is the agents who are the ones marketing and selling the units. The agents will earn a commission from every sale of the unit.

In this case, we have to understand that for every property launch, there can be hundreds of agents promoting a launch. Let’s say the new launch of North Park Residence in Yishun. It is a new property project which is yet to launch, but it is gaining popularity because of its favored location. The website is due to launch in December, but many agents have already created websites and rank them in Google Singapore to gain visibility about these projects.

Yes, so you see there can be many similar website promoting this North Park condo project. However, Google only give 10 slots for the first page of its search results. And as you know, people are unlikely to click to page 2 and beyond for search results, unless they are really desperate for answers.

Hence, with such a competitive real estate market, how can you beat your competitors and stand out on top?

Here are some tips which may help:

1) Unique Content

When you talk about real estate launches like the condo project mentioned above, people like to copy content directly from the developer website. Nothing wrong about copying, as the developer would love to give you content to promote and sell the properties! However, Google doesn’t like duplicate content! Imagine the top 10 websites of a particular search shows all the same articles and answers. Will you be angry? Probably yes! ┬áBecause you will say Google sucks, as they only give you an answer to your problem!

If you can, do rewrite your content, especially on the description of the real estate. Keep the features of the property, like the location, room size, facilities.

2) On page SEO

You definitely have to fix your on-page SEO well to gain that extra edge over your fellow estate agent friends. On page SEO touch on the importance of writing keyword optimized articles, and checking all the settings for your entire website. When you have set on page SEO well, you tell google that your website is about North Park Residence Condo Launch, and not a website about renting office space.

Both are real estate niche, but totally different content.

3) Off page SEO

High Quality back links are important for your website to rank high up in Google. If you really want to stand out from this super competitive niche, then you have to get more high quality links. High quality links are links which are reputable, and relevant. You don’t want a site on furnitures to link to your website. You probably want a link from a property listing site.

Then you will want to get more, and build it consistently. When the niche is competitive, you will see rankings fluctuate every day. It means you are either rising or dropping in rankings. If you do nothing, you will usually be kicked down soon, but with constant effort on SEO link building, you will always keep up, or even beat your competitors. Build your links gradually until the launch day, and this is the time you reap all your rewards.

Real Estate SEO is slightly different than simple SEO, as it is a very competitive niche, and many people are fighting over the top few slots for maximum traffic available. Hence, if you want to rank up your property or apartment listing, the above tips will help you with them.


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