How do you SEO a Wedding Photography Website?

As we continue in our discussion about SEO and tips, we look into applying SEO techniques to real case studies today. While you have know quite a bit about SEO for general websites, today, let’s look at how you can optimize Singapore wedding photographers websites and do it well for the search engines.

Wedding website are a little different from normal websites. If you have seen enough of photography or wedding websites, you will see that a really beautiful website has a clean and glamorous layout that makes the website very impressive. It is usually well designed to suit the wedding themes.

Popular colours for Wedding or Photography websites are pink, white, or black. These are really cool colours and give the prestige feel of their company.

wedding photography

Othan than just a pretty theme, what’s important are the images! Photography companies sell photography services, and they have tons of photos. Hence, lack of photos are never an issue to them. On the other hand, one issue they have, is to have Too Many photos! (that’s not a big problem anyway)

So, how do you SEO a wedding photography website that is not only beautiful, but with lots of photos too?

On-Page SEO

In doing SEO, we always start with the SEO works on the website. We call it on-page SEO. For on-page SEO, we work on the meta-tags of the website. I know it may be technical here, but it simply means naming your website the ‘search engine’ way, so when google spiders crawl to your site, they know what your website is about.

To do proper SEO, you can simply download a plugin, such as WordPress SEO or All-in-one SEO to help you. Your job is know the title of your website, your website description, and the keywords. The plugin will do the rest of the technical job for you.

Images SEO

This is interesting. Usual websites don’t have tons of images. Not every wedding photography website will want to feature every wedding shoot of their clients. However, as they are in the photography business, they have to showcase their works to potential clients.

Images do help quite a lot in search. To optimize your photos for search engine, do remember to insert ‘Alt Text’, or alternate text to each image. Google Spiders cannot ‘see’ images, but they can crawl and index your images. And they do this by identifying your Alt Text. If you didn’t state any Alt Text for your image, then your images are less likely to be indexed by Google, and got found by your potential clients.

Off Page SEO

Once you have settled the two factors above, the next step to focus is the off page seo factors. Off page means working outside your website. This also means doing backlinking from other websites to your website. A backlink is like a small ‘vote’ to your website. When relevant websites in your niche (or similar niches) link to you, it means they endorse your website.

Hence, the more quality links (read quality!) you are being linked to, the more votes you have. You are also telling Google that many sites approve what you do, hence you should deserve some authority and top rankings too. That’s one of the ways to SEO your websites up the Google rankings!

To be ranking your site well on Google, there are over 200 factors to look for. You may ask, then why am I just mentioning about a few here only? What about the rest?

Yes, we have done SEO for a long time, and even though there are many other factors, the most important factors are what we mentioned above. They are the ones that carry more weights than the rest. Hence, if you have your own photography website, do take notes of the important SEO pointers above, to get your site ranked well and high on Google!

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