How to do SEO in the Post-Penguin Google World?

If you haven’t already know, Google has been coming up with lots of algorithm changes these days to keep up with the blackhat tactics that people use to manipulate the search engine rankings on Google search results.

That’s why you keep seeing different animals of Google these days. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon…and many more to come. The most serious update that affects most websites is the Penguin Update.

The Penguin update deals with webspam and backlinks, which are the links that point back to your website. If you build too many backlinks within short period of times, or you build tons of backlinks from dubious sites in trying to boost your rankings, then you may run the risk of being penalized by Google. Google will send you a warning after you have been penalized.

Flooding links used to work before Google did major changes to their algorithm. People like to build links because links are seen as an endorsement of your website. However, people have abused this advantage and build tons to links using softwares, and they tried to push up their rankings up.

So how can you do SEO these days, if Google is coming hard on backlinking?

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1. Build the correct links.

Not all links are the same. Some are toxic links, some are worthy links. Build links from social media properties like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. These are the first few sites that you should build for a new website. Once done, contact more authoritative websites in your niche and request for a link input on their website.

You want to build good relationships with these websites and the links they build to your website are good and reputable. Not those thousands of links you build using softwares. Go for these types of links.

2. Share good content

Building links is the by-product of writing good content that is useful and help people. If you give good stuffs that helps people, they will want to share it with others. This is the same for good content! If you write well, people will want to post it on their own blogs, they want to share in on social media, they want to email out to their friends. Your content spreads, good links will flow to you!

Don’t focus too much on your efforts on finding link sources. Create good content, and the links will find you!

3. Build good relationship

I mentioned this earlier in point 1, and yes, build good relationship with other webmasters. And no, this is not for the sole purpose of exchanging links with one another. You want to build a strong relationship to make things easier. When you create a new piece of content, you have a good friend who is there ready to amplify your message. When your friend has a new article, you will want to share it for them too.

Did you see something? You have a strong community of followers or raving fans waiting to share your content! In other words, your marketing and SEO efforts have multiplied thousand folds, as long as you keep building relationships and maintain them.

So these are the tips that you can really work on to improve your SEO strategy after Google is coming down hard on dubious strategies.

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