How To Sell SEO Services To Businesses?

SEO is what we do. We love search engine. We love to use search engine to help businesses get leads.

However, not everyone understand SEO like the way we does.

We knows the benefits of SEO, we know how powerful it is. We know how it can help many traditional businesses grow their business online, with little advertising or even no advertising needed.

But the thing is, many traditional businesses don’t know. They don’t know how powerful SEO it is, and how powerful it can help their business.

So, what can you do?

Here are some tips for you!

1. Identify their pain (and make them feel it!)

First, you must identify the pain of the business owner. I learned this skill from one of the public speaking classes I attended, to learn how to present and engage with audience. In the class, we need to learn to think from the audience perspective, and they always have this question in their mind “Why must I listen to you”.

If you did not answer this question right from the start, they will have this barrier to filter out many of the things you say. Which is what we talk about in the beginning. They don’t know how powerful SEO is, even though we know how good it is.

To tackle this issue, you need to ask powerful questions to get the business owner thinking…

“Have you realized getting customers these days are getting more difficult, and more costly?”

“Have you realized more and more people are going online, and worst, they found your competitors online, and not you?”

You see, when you ask these questions, you are getting them to think of the pain they have these days. You get them to open up and realize that they are missing out big time if they don’t do SEO, or start getting found online.

So first step, you must make them feel the pain first.

2. Present the solution that is easy to understand

You see, when we do SEO, we are very into the science behind search engine and all that. But you know what? Normal business people don’t have any clue about SEO, not even in online marketing. They are traditional business people.

So how do you present SEO in a way they can understand?

Make it simple and show them how you have done it for other businesses!

Best of all, show them!

Simply take out your mobile phone, google their products or industry they are in (like pet grooming in Singapore, singing teachers in Singapore, Singapore public speaker…etc) and show them the search results.

And very likely, the search results will not have any results about their business, and very likely, it will feature a few of the competitors they know. (Now, this is another part where they feel the pain, just like in part 1).

So when they don’t see themselves, now your job is to present to them, how YOU can help them get found on google when people search for their products or industry keywords. That is how you get them to learn about the power of online marketing, and specifically SEO!

So you can see, selling SEO is not really difficult, but it can be difficult for SEO practitioners like us, who eat sleep breathe SEO, to explain SEO in simple words. It’s really hard, because we are so into it!

But if we want to sell our services, we simply have to speak in a way that people without any knowledge of online marketing, can understand and pick up the power of search engine within a few minutes. And this skill is called presentation skills.

Hope this entry helps you more in your SEO business!


Hi, I'm Krooz. I have deep passion in SEO, and that's why you see me here! I have used SEO to help my uncle's bakery shop, and was amazed by the results I see. This get me excited what I can do for SEO. Hope you enjoy my articles on SEO here!

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