SEO is NOT Dead in 2015. Here’s how to it right!

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If you are in SEO for a certain number of years, you would have heard that ‘SEO is Dead!’ multiple times. The call for SEO is dead has started since 2010 when social media started to rise in popularity. However, it has been so many years, but SEO is still not dead!

Krooz has mentioned about SEO in 2014. We are in the midst of 2015 now, and the thing is, SEO is evolving as ever before. It is still one of the most popular and sought after ways to drive traffic to your website. People are still investing in SEO to get their websites up in the search rankings. In simple terms, SEO is not dead. SEO is growing!

If you are doing search engine optimization for your websites in 2015, here are somethings that you have to know. We had enough of penalties and Google animals in the past 3 years.

To prevent you from getting hit by these ‘animals’, pay close attention to these 3 tips for SEO success.

1. Original Content is still King

We are not talking about content only. We are referring to original content. We know Google hate duplicate content. Content that are stolen from other sites are ‘no-no’. Long and detailed content are also favored by Google. You see, Google is a search engine, and its sole responsibility is to crawl the web and get the best information out for its users.

If you want to get your content featured high up on google, make sure it is detailed, long, and original.

2. Relevant backlinks

You heard before backlinks will help you to boost up the rankings? Yes you’re right! But you are only 50% correct! Backlinks will boost your rankings, but not all backlinks are equal! You want backlinks that are relevant to your site niche, because these are the ones that will help your ranking!

Too many SEO professionals are relying on outdated strategies, such as blasting huge chunk of backlinks onto their website, hoping that this will push the site up the rankings. It works, in 2010. But we are in 2015 now! If you are going to get backlinks, be it comments, infographics, guests posts, make sure the links come from relevant sites!

3. Social signals play an important role.

Other than just getting more links to your website, your must also build up your social profiles too! Social profiles help you get the important social signals that Google is looking now. Google is favouring brands more than ever now, and brands are the ones that are very active on social media. In other words, lonely thin websites are a thing of the past!

Get your website’s social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest up and running. You will see a huge following to your website, plus a boost in ranking as well!

In conclusion, SEO is not dead, and never will. You have to keep adapting and changing your strategies to move ahead. All the best in your SEO rankings!

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