The Case of SEO In 2014

SEO, or search optimization has been around for many years. It is probably famous since Google became famous. Everyone turn to search engines for info, because they know they can search for anything they want within seconds.

With such a huge demand of information online, there comes the magic question “Can my website be the one that people see when they type in a relevant keyword?” There, we start the term, SEO, or search engine optimization.

Right here at Kuba SEO, we want to share with you more about this 3-letter word, which has makes people happy, but crazy at the same time. SEO itself has become a multi-billion dollar industry because people know the rich value of it. People see that this simple search engines can help them drive traffic to their website. And not only traffic, they are targeted traffic, and people who are ready to buy!

This is different from their traditional advertising platforms, where they spend more to get visitors, but not 10% of them are really targeted ones. As a result, an ad that is spent on traditional media may not yield a positive ROI for some of the business.


But that’s not the case for SEO, or Search Engines. When people do a search, it means they are looking for something. They are looking for solutions to their problems. That also means they are open for information!¬† Hence, when you website is ranked high enough to get their clicks, they are open to what you are offering them!

SEO has helped many businesses grow their customer base.

This also created another business, for SEO Agencies themselves! You see, many companies want to get their website up, but not many know how to do it! So here we have SEO agencies, who specialise on helping companies get ranked, and get found! So yes, we have another industry – the SEO industry.

But that’s not all.

As the demand grow, more companies want to get ranked. But the issue is, there can only be a TOP winner on position 1 of Google results for a keyword. So now, we have companies fighting one another to be the number 1 search ranking, because number one will get more traffic than the rest!

When this happens, we open up another industry. The industry of ‘Get-Results-Quick’. People analyze Google and try to game their SEO system. They employ quick tricks to their clients’ websites to help them beat their competitors. This became huge, because they can see huge ROI just by rising above their competitors in search rankings!

But as we all know, Google is NOT STUPID!

The search engine belongs to them, so how can they allow this kind of thing to happen – allowing webmasters to game the algorithm so to manipulate the rankings? So in recent years, we have lots of Google Updates. It seems like Google is finally awaken, and that the sleeping giant is finally realizing that people are manipulating their searches all along.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2014.

Google has implemented lots of changes, and you will hear lots of animals being mentioned in their google updates.


We have Pandas, which is an update that police the content on the website. It will penalize websites which have lousy content, or content which are plagiarized or duplicated from other sites. Duplicated content are on the rise in the past due to article spinners abused by spammers.

They can just spin 1 article into 500 other copies and submit them to article directories. Of course, they are not working anymore!

Then we have Penguins! Google Penguins police the abuse of backlinking strategies. SEOs know that backlinking works to push the search rankings up, hence they flood websites with tons of backlinks  (built using softwares) and honestly, these strategies work!

However, Google don’t like these kind of dirty tricks. Once again, they are penalized. Websites with tons of irrelevant backlinks are penalized. Websites with high anchor text backlinks are also penalized.

So What do we have left for SEO in 2014?

When we look at what Google has done in policing SEO on their search engines, it is common to shout that SEO doesn’t work anymore in 2014. However, the fact is, it is still working! It still works, only for people who knows how to do it properly!

So how can you rank a website well in 2014?

That’s what we will cover over in our blog. Stay updated with our latest articles to learn more about SEO and Webdevelopment, right here at KUBA SEO DREAMS!


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